Maximize Efficiency and Solve Unique Business Challenges with Your 工业工程 Degree

Are you process-oriented and on a perpetual quest to make things better and more efficient? At Kettering, we prepare you for interesting work across all stages of production and processing.

Unlike other engineering disciplines that apply skills to specific areas, industrial engineering is an interdisciplinary field that prepares you to work in various industries. Our undergraduate degrees and master’s-level courses cover a broad range of topics, 包括精益生产, 供应链管理, 质量控制和数学优化. 

你将学会系统地整合客户需求, 技术和经济社会因素为工业, 服务及政府机构.

凯特林独特的合作项目 allows you to apply your skills and earn money while earning your degree with industry partners like UPS, 终端设备的能源, 以及各种政府机构和承包商.

Meet Growing Demand for Process-Driven Team Leaders with Kettering’s Operations Management Degree Options

Will you improve workplace safety or reduce wait times for theme park rides? Develop innovative new processes to minimize manufacturing waste or work with local officials to expand public transportation? A bachelor’s in industrial engineering is the degree for people like you who want to solve challenges—big and small—that affect everyday life.


简单地说,工业工程师让事情变得更好. It’s an interdisciplinary field that combines physical and social sciences with engineering principles to improve processes and systems.

而工业工程师无法预测天气, they can interpret climate data to mitigate supply chain breakdowns or organize logistics for humanitarian relief efforts around the world. 工业工程师是天生的问题解决者. 


学位和课程 学位类型
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The Department of 工业工程 at Kettering is Committed to Your Success

在凯特林,我们相信在实践中学习是最好的. Our goal is to help students like you gain the necessary skills to be a successful engineer.


Get real-life, on-the-job experience while earning an Operations Management degree. You’ll learn as a student but earn as a professional with one of our industry partners. 了解更多关于凯特林合作公寓.


在最后一个学期创造性地解决一个现实世界的问题, 和一组工程师一起解决开放式问题. You’ll identify a project work plan and share your findings in a written and oral presentation.


Your courses are supplemented with hands-on applications in well-equipped laboratory facilities including:

Gain Diverse Industry Insight from Experienced 工程 Facult

从制造业到医疗保健系统, waste reduction to human resources—and nearly everything in between—industrial engineers play a vital role in continually improving the quality of our everyday lives.

Your professors will teach you how to do that—and so much more—when you earn your degree at Kettering. From your first semester on campus through your final projects leading up to graduation, Kettering’s faculty will challenge and inspire you to think bigger. Several professors conduct research and always appreciate additional help from their students.

Kettering is an inclusive and collaborative environment with room to grow. 加入我们. Find out how our students are shaping tomorrow’s diverse engineering workforce.


  • 替代能源基础设施 
  • 建模/仿真和统计分析
  • 节能生产系统
  • 人体工程学和人为因素
  • 人机交互
  • 生产/物流系统

What Are Some Examples of Entry-Level Operations Management Jobs You Can Pursue?

Traditional industrial engineering was limited to the manufacturing sector: That is no longer the case today. Your degree gives you the flexibility to work across a broad spectrum of industries, 包括航空航天, 农业, 可替代能源, 医疗保健和娱乐.

  • 入门级工业和工程工作包括:
    • 业务和系统集成分析师
    • 合规经理
    • 生物工程学者
    • 过程分析
    • 供应链分析师
    • 劳动力优化经理
  • Kettering alumni work at some of the biggest companies in Michigan and beyond, including:
    • 旭化成塑料北美公司
    • 巴斯夫公司
    • 陶氏化学公司.
    • 通用汽车(General Motors)
    • 优尼科美国公司. 
    • Stellantis

Job growth in the engineering field is projected to grow 10% over through 2029, according to the U.S. 劳工统计局. 工业工程的工资正在上涨, 工业工程师的平均工资超过95美元,每年000.


An education is an investment in your future, perhaps the most important one you’ll ever make. At Kettering, we want to be as transparent as possible about cost—earning your degree isn’t cheap. 但它可能比你想象的要便宜得多. 原因如下:

  • 固定费率学费模式: 每年支付相同的费率. 向意想不到的价格上涨和无谓的费用说再见吧.
  • 慷慨的经济援助: 99% of Kettering students receive grants, loans and/or work-study offers. You may be eligible for a merit-based scholarship ranging anywhere from $8,500 to $17,500 annually. There are engineering-specific scholarships and a growing number of need-based awards for underrepresented students.
  • 凯特林合作公寓: 边学边赚. On average, students earn between $45,000 and $70,000 over the course of their program. 这笔钱是除了奖学金之外的, need-based aid or other financial assistance you may qualify for.

Engineer Your Success with the Department of 工业工程

Are you ready to take the next step toward your engineering career? If you’re interested in earning a bachelor’s in industrial engineering or learning more about the Department of 工业工程 or Operations Management degrees in general, 请不要犹豫与我们联系.